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Last Chance to Call PA Legislators: Don’t Gut Municipal Rights in Favor of Frackers

February 3, 2012


The conference committee that is “negotiating a compromise” on the Impact Fee bill that would gut municipal rights and pre-empt local zoning and controls of gas drilling is reportedly getting ready to release a compromise bill.  This could be voted on as early as Monday or Tuesday, Feb. 6 or 7!  This is our last chance to tell our elected representatives in Harrisburg to VOTE NO on SB100 and HB1950. All state legislators contact info can be found at:

For those of you in the Southeastern PA 7-county region, key Senators have the power to stop this takeover of communities by the State and the gas industry. Here’s what you can do now:

First, tell these two Senators thank you for voting against the Bill and give them support to stand strong:

Chuck McIlhinney (PA-10) – Doylestown: 215-489-5000; Morrisville: 215-736-5960.

Tommy Tomlinson (PA-06) – Bensalem: 215-638-1784; Langhorne: 215-752-6763.

Second, tell these Senators stand up for their residents, not the gas companies:

John C. Rafferty, Jr. (PA-44) – Chester County: 610-469-8390; Montgomery County: 610-831-8830.

Stewart Greenleaf (PA-12) – Willow Grove: 215-657-7700

Dominic Pileggi (PA-9) – Glenn Mills: 610-358-5183; Chester: 610-447-5845; Oxford: 610-932-2360

Edwin Erickson (PA-26) – Drexel Hill: 610-853-4100


The Bills are being moved despite strong opposition from many municipalities, constituents, community organizations and environmental groups. These bills will eviscerate municipal controls over gas drilling due to proposed changes to current law that will allow the State to take over municipal regulation of gas drilling within local jurisdictions. This pre-emption of municipal zoning makes these bills totally unacceptable.  No matter how big the fees are and no matter what the proposed changes to the PA Oil and Gas Act are, nothing can sweeten this seizure of our rights.

Talking Points on the Bills are linked to here, a PDF of the Talking Points is here, and further background, including links to the bills, is here.

Thanks to Delaware Riverkeeper Network, which wrote most of the above alert, for working so hard on this along with outraged allies and municipal officials all across the state. This is urgent so even if you’ve called before, please call again now.

Here’s a legal memo explaining the bills, and a way to send a letter and a Petition through Delaware Riverkeeper with one click!   

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  1. February 8, 2012 12:25 pm

    The American Civil War started over State’s Rights. This is just the same thing; States vs. Municipalities.

    Local people must retain their right to make decisions. When the Gas companies leave Pennsylvania, they won’t leave much behind. Pennsylvania residents will still be here, dealing with the after effects of drilling.
    I will be calling my legislators.
    From: Cogan Station, PA

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