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Quaker “Die-In” Mon. May 7th in Harrisburg During 200 Mile “Green Walk”

May 3, 2012

Protecting Our Waters Executive Director Iris Marie Bloom will join a Quaker activist group in Harrisburg this coming Monday, May 7th to demand PNC Bank divest from extreme energy extraction industries. The Earth Quaker Action Team’s Advisory is below. Ms. Bloom will speak at the 2pm event.


May 3, 2012

Contact:   Zachary Hershman.   Earth Quaker Action Team (201.264.2200)



WHAT – On the morning of Monday, April 30th, Philadelphia-based Quaker environmental organization, the Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT), began a sixteen-day, 200 mile “Green Walk” from PNC Bank’s regional headquarters in Philadelphia to their national headquarters in Pittsburgh, to raise awareness about the bank’s investments in a dangerous and unregulated form of surface coal mining known as Mountaintop Removal.

On May 7th, EQAT will stop in Harrisburg for two events: a nonviolent “die-in” at the doors of PNC Bank that will bring together PNC customers alongside opponents of mountaintop removal, natural gas hydrofracking (in which PNC is also a major financier), and financial mismanagement.  Later that afternoon, a public event, called “Angelic Troublemakers,” about our Walk across Pennsylvania.

WHEN –  NONVIOLENT PUBLIC “DIE IN”– Mon.  May 7th,  2:00pm, PNC Bank, 2 N. 2nd St.

“ANGELIC TROUBLEMAKERS”  EVENT-       5:30pm, Midtown Bookstore, 1302 N. 3rd St.

WHY – PNC Bank, a descendent of the Quaker Provident Bank, is a leading financier of mountaintop removal in the U.S.  This extreme form of strip mining has destroyed 500 mountains and buried over 2000 miles of streams in Appalachia, contaminating the water and increasing the rates of cancer and birth defects for thousands in the region.

Along the route, Earth Quaker Action Team will be collecting “Green Your Money” pledge ( from PNC customers who are committing to close their accounts if PNC doesn’t end financing for corporations that practice mountaintop removal, and shift it to sustainable industries that will create safer, more numerous jobs for coal communities.

EQAT has given PNC until May 31 to announce a new policy ending their connections to mountaintop removal, when account-holders from across the state will begin to move their money elsewhere – Quakers and PNC customers have already pledged to withdraw over  $2 million dollars from the bank.

VISUALS – Colorful Banners, Signs, Faith Communities, Students and Senior Citizens, Street Theater and  Public Action

Find out more at   GREENPNC.ORG

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  1. May 3, 2012 1:38 pm

    Dang! I’m busted. My farm account, rental properties account, personal checking account, savings account and farm/business credit card accounts are all at PNC! I finally found a bank that has the Internet services and accounting records I need to keep up with my too-complicated life and do my goldarned taxes. I have auto-deposits going into these accounts. It is going to be a royal pain in the butt to change banks. However, I can hardly stand against fracking and fund MTR. So off I will go to the EQAT site and pledge to remove my money. It’s not a whole lot, but it’s enough to be noticed and contribute to that $2 Million withdrawal pledge. Actually, thank you dear Quakers, dear EQAT, for moving this forward in the beautiful spirit of nonviolence. I kind of knew when I went to a Marcellus drilling site (at the industry-funded “Picnic of the Wellpad” event) and saw a PNC placard there as one of the funders that I needed to get out, but one can feel useless acting on their own. I just got a letter today from a woman in West Virginia fighting both fracking and MTR, offering me solidarity for my action at my farm on May 10 when I commit to defending this farm, whatever it takes, against fracking. So in solidarity with this woman who has marched up Blair Mountain and fought fracking in WV, I’m heading straight from this comment to the EQAT pledge page. Maybe PNC will change. But not without soulful pressure. So here we go. Courage and strength to all those who go on the “Green Walk.” Hopefully I’ll see you in Pittsburgh on May 16th.

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