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“UnEarthed: The Fracking Facade”: Brilliant Short Video

May 5, 2012

“UnEarthed: The Fracking Facade” is a brilliant longer film by South African filmmaker Jolynn Minnaar. This excerpt includes experts Lou Allstadt, Chip Northrup, Ron Bishop, and Tony Ingraffea; and impacted people including Carolyn French (Bradford County, PA), Jean Carter (Susquehanna County, PA), Ron Gulla (Washington County) and others.

Send this short, condensed 24-minute excerpt in response to industry misinformation campaigns implying that high-volume slickwater hydraulic fracturing with long laterals on multi-well pads (popularly called “fracking”) is “safe” and has been done “for 60 years.” In fact this technology has only been in use for about a decade after beginning in Texas in the 90s, and there have only been about 20,000 wells fracked using this technology, not a million, as Professor Ingraffea explains in the film.

One Pennsylvanian explains that his family’s pre-test shows their water to be uncontaminated; post-drilling tests show the water to be contaminated with diesel fuel, sediment, and thermogenic methane. A Shell executive squirms under questioning, finally admitting that there are many cases of water contamination.

Farmer Carolyn French of Bradford County, PA says in this film that she and her neighbors have identified 81 cases of water contamination locally. And scientist Ron Bishop affirms, “In areas where the industry claims there is not one case of water contamination, people have counted 200 water buffaloes in people’s yards.”

Please watch and share this video now. And if you don’t know what a water buffalo is, here’s more background/context:

Water buffaloes are large plastic containers of clean replacement water which sprout up post-fracking (if the local residents are lucky enough to get their water contamination issues addressed at all) like weeds after a rain. In some parts of Pennsylvania which are not included in this video, like Butler County, people have had their water buffaloes removed by the industry and people are living in a state of emergency, unable to shower or flush the toilet; forced to haul water to drink.

Protecting Our Waters Emergency Water Fund (dubbed Water LOVE: Life’s Outpouring in a Vital Emergency) continues to provide replacement water for families in the Woodlands, Connoquenessing Township, Butler County, PA.

Like Dimock, and like significant parts of Susquehanna County, Bradford County, Tioga County, Bedford County, Washington County, Greene County, and more, the impacts in Butler County continue to escalate — even while the industry keeps its toxic secrets and multiplies its non-disclosure clauses.

Scientists say that in addition to over a dozen different migratory pathways for contaminants from all phases of unconventional gas drilling to impact public health by moving through water, air, and soil, frack fluids may migrate into drinking water aquifers years from now, causing widespread harm.

Please watch and post this clip on facebook, twitter, and comments to newspaper articles; share it persistently. Share it with your legislator  and demand a moratorium. Protect us all from the fracking facade.

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