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Protect the Allegheny National Forest Now

May 8, 2012

Please tell your Pennsylvania State Representatives to vote NO on House Bill 1904 today and tomorrow. Gas drillers have already written legislation in Pennsylvania which strips municipalities of their rights to protect residents from shale gas drilling and which gags physicians. Now the PA House of Representatives is voting this week — possibly within hours — to hamstring our ability to protect Allegheny National Forest, our only national forest.

Join me in telling our state Representatives: Vote no on House Bill 1904—we need to protect Pennsylvania’s only national forest, not destroy it. Click here to take action.

The Allegheny Forest is a place for hiking, fishing, camping and just getting away from it all. That could all change if this legislation passes. It will remove federal protections for certain land within Allegheny National Forests and potentially even exempt them from state protections.

Why would our elected officials even consider putting these public lands on the chopping block for Marcellus Shale gas drillers?

Click here to tell your Representative to vote no on House Bill 1904.

Thanks to our friends at PA Forest Coalition; to PennEnvironment; to alert activists all over the state, and most of all to all of you, protectors, for taking action right now. We cannot allow outrage to pile upon outrage as the industry gets their way.

For greater impact: To find out your PA State Rep’s phone number and call right now, and/or to send an invidualized email, look up the contact information here, and please keep it at your fingertips.


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