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More Methane Migration Impacts Bradford County

May 29, 2012

As the shale gas industry proliferates across Pennsylvania, so do the reports of methane contamination of private water wells, faulty well casings, and methane bubbling in our creeks and streams.

Residents of LeRoy Township (Bradford County), PA have been subjected to two major incidents over the past year or so. Last April it was home to a disturbing “well control incident” (blowout). Fast forward to mid-May 2012, where just in time for Memorial Day, Chesapeake Energy appears to have taken responsibility for methane contamination at numerous homes. Chesapeake is providing active ameliorative measures to three homes in the form of vents and methane monitoring alarms. Chesapeake is supplying at least one home with a water buffalo, is supplying bottled water to at least two homes and has installed a water treatment system at another home. PA DEP and Chesapeake are investigating the methane migration, while rumors swirl that the incident has affected a large area.

A Central New York news outlet reported,

The DEP and Chesapeake are investigating what caused methane to get into a few private water wells in Leroy Township Saturday.

“At first we thought it was just our well, that it was plugged up or something. But then we heard bubbling in the woods, so we looked at that. There was some water bubbling up out of the ground,” said Amanda Franklin of Leroy Township.

The water turned out to have methane in it.

Her [Amanda Franklin’s]  father-in-law down the street was also impacted. He received a water treatment unit and methane monitor. The homes are within a half-mile of this Chesapeake Morse well pad.

Gas industry trouble has become so common that one LeRoy resident directly affected by this latest incident told reporters,  “You know after a while you get used to it. After a while it’s like ho hum; so what; nothing new.” Chesapeake is supplying her with replacement water.

Read last week’s DEP statement on this incident. Further reports were published by WNEP and WETM.

  1. May 29, 2012 4:45 pm

    Does the gas industry think they’ve “shocked” us into acceptance of polluted water? Or, as Dory Hippauf writes, have we “Fracked the Frog”?

  2. May 30, 2012 2:42 am

    The oil and gas industry, as well as our state legislators, believe they have worn us out by having us all run around in circles. To some extent, they may be right. Many people I talk with are so convinced that PA is a lost cause, and no one will listen, that they’re just focusing their energy on getting off the shale and out of PA. I have been involved with fighting the industry for more than three years now. I’ve lobbied, given presentations, hosted Gasland and Split Estate screenings, served on the Citizen’s Marcellus Shale Commission, blogged, emailed, signed petitions, etc. You name it, I’ve done it. I am thoroughly convinced that nothing is going to change until the people become energized and take to the streets en mass and demand this madness comes to an end. We’re up against the most powerful, souless, financially healed industry on the planet and a clearly corrupt state government. we need to stand up against this the same way we, as a society, stood up against: slavery, child labor laws, woman’s rights, civil rights, and the Viet Nam War. If we’re not willing to come out of our ‘comfort zone’ and move from preaching to the chior on facebook and twitter to the street, then we’re wasting our time and energy. The time has come for us to exercise our constitutional right to peacefully engage in non-violent direct action and civil disobedience. I’ve said this before, it’s “fight, or flight”. The time to decide which it’s going to be is NOW. In Peace, and Solidarity!

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