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Urgent: Protect our air from huge new fracked gas power plant

August 24, 2012

Please comment quickly online at the links below today. Speak up now, before Pennsylvania Department of Everything Permitted (PA DEP) issues air quality permits for a huge source of air pollution in Bradford County – a natural gas power plant. Among other pollutants, this power plant will emit almost 3 million tons per year of greenhouse gases, 206.36 tons per year of NOx, and 67.6 tons per year of hazardous air pollutants.

PA DEP is also ready to issue an air permit for the Cherry Compressor station in Sullivan County. Air pollutants from the plant and the station are detrimental to the health of residents who live nearby or in the region, create smog, and accelerate climate change. Pennsylvania continues to approve permits for large natural gas facilities at an alarming rate.

YOU ARE HAVING AN IMPACT. With PA DEP approving permits for the natural gas industry faster than ever, we need your help now more than ever. Your participation has already led to public hearings for over 10 compressor stations, cuts in hazardous air pollution and greenhouse gases, and the prevention of instant approval of these stations. PA DEP is aware that the public is watching and is even starting to include demands from past comments into their permit requirements prior to public scrutiny.

Comments for both the power plant and the compressor station are due at 5PM on Monday, August 27th. Take a few seconds out of your day to send comments and request a public hearing from PA DEP so the public can have more time to research the proposals, develop effective comments, and allow more affected residents to be aware of and participate in these decisions.

It doesn’t matter what part of the state you live in. Everyone can comment. If you have an extra minute, please change the comment to reflect your own views and voice. Thanks!



Confused about all this infrastructure going in so rapidly, with such short timelines? That’s part of the aggressive, overwhelming assault on our air perpetrated by this industry. Industry insiders say Pennsylvania is the laughingstock of the oil and gas industry for the lax regulations; it’s anything goes here, and your voice matters. So don’t be confused: stay informed, and act up. Please see our alert yesterday for specific information about a huge compressor station in Susquehanna County, and background on compressor stations in general, including news of three explosions and video of one compressor station exploding in a great ball of fire (watch the last ten seconds of the one minute video).

Please know that all who care about air, water, farms, food and climate is really pouring themselves out right now to respond in person when possible, including going physically to Albany, NY on Saturday, Sunday, and especially Monday to fight to keep the fracking moratorium intact in New York State — and including going in person to the Public Hearing in Susquehanna County on Tuesday, August 28th. Please join Protecting Our Waters and all our allies at these events in person if you can; and please take just a minute right now to submit written comments at the links above, wherever you are.

Thanks to Matt Walker of Clean Air Council for the timely alert about the urgent deadline for comment to prevent poisoning even more air, and climate, in Bradford and Sullivan Counties, Pennsylvania. Since the deadline is Monday, please comment right now while you think of it. Lastly, make sure Shale Gas Outrage is on your calendar for September 20th and 21st, 2012 in Philadelphia, where the entire Marcellus Shale fracking industry is converging, and needs to hear your voice and feel your presence. Thanks for stepping up!

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