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Speak for the Susquehanna: Take Online Action with CREDO and POW Now!

August 29, 2012

Tuesday, September 4th is the deadline for your online comment asking the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) to stop letting fracking companies take, poison, and squander billions of gallons* of Susquehanna River Basin water in fracking operations. You may comment from anywhere in the U.S. because President Obama votes on this three-state Commission; the other three Commissioners are the governors of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

The SRBC will vote on the fracking water withdrawals on Thursday September 20th, the same day we confront the fracking industry in Philadelphia at Shale Gas Outrage  (rally at high noon, march 2 – 3; Blessing of the Waters 5 pm; two conferences on Friday the 21st).

In an exciting show of support for those living in, or downstream from (think Chesapeake Bay) the giant Susquehanna River watershed, CREDO Action has created an online form and letter to submit public comments directly to the SRBC. We asked for their help in the fracking fight, and they delivered!

CREDO’s form letter is unequivocal about the dangers of allowing companies to continue taking whatever they want from our beautiful waterways and dumping all of the byproducts–polluted air, poisoned water–back into the environment, hurting human communities and crippling living ecosystems. Adding your personalized words and stories to the letter will increase its power and effectiveness.

The link is embedded above, or you can click here:

Two letters is even better than one–Earthworks has its own editable form letter, which includes more technical reasons for opposing the fracking water withdrawls, and includes a demand for cumulative impacts to be studied as part of the SRBC’s Comprehensive Review next year. That’s an important demand, too, so please consider sending both letters by Sept. 4th!

For more information on the vote and hearing, you can read the SRBC’s own August 6th news release. For the greatest impact, if you want to snail mail or submit online your comments “from scratch” directly to the SRBC, the news release has contact information and a link to their own online form.

Challenge Fragmented Thinking in Facing Fracturing

We’ve had two new reports of black water in the Susquehanna River Basin just in the past few days, and in one case it appears that the black water impacted by gas drilling is going directly into the mainstem river. Meanwhile, fracking is all of a piece. In real life, groundwater and surface water interact; ground-level air pollution and climate change are linked. As Pennsylvania communities are being forced to deal with 26 compressor station applications right now, we know that not a one of those compressor stations would go online if the water withdrawals ceased. One single compressor station will emit– according to industry calculations, which grossly minimize greenhouse gas emissions — about 100,000 tons per year of greenhouse gases.

They can’t frack without water. To protect air, water, health and climate, tell SRBC — tell the three governors and President Obama — not another fracking drop from our living Susquehanna River Basin ecosystems. Stop permitting disaster.

* Fracking uses about 5 million gallons of water per frack, per well; most of it stays underground and much of what comes back up is trucked out of state to Ohio to be re-injected deep underground, so it leaves the Basin water cycle forever. With at least 20,000 fracking wells expected in the Pennsylvania section of the Susquehanna River Basin, that’s about 100 billion gallons. Our primary concern is the unexamined cumulative impacts from huge amounts of toxic substances, including intense salts, arsenic, radium 226 and uranium, as well as hydrocarbons, carcinogens like benzene and toluene, and the deadly fracking chemicals, which enter our ecosystem from permitting fracking on this scale. There’s been no Health Impacts Assessment in PA or any SRB state. There’s been no cumulative environmental analysis whatsoever in PA. SRBC’s rubber-stamping ignores the life-cycle impacts of fracking completely, even ignoring the sediment and erosion impacts on the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay, which it is their job to protect. Please write them now.

  1. August 29, 2012 3:07 pm

    Only individuals who have been threatened or bought off would behave as these commissioners have. It’s time to sue the (so-called) Justice Department to investigate every fracking-related aspect in Pennsylvania, from Corbett, Krancer and Republican legislature “leaders,” to the very suspect behavior of the SRBC.

    Or, maybe the Justice Department is out of breath from prosecuting John Edwards.

  2. Carol Ward permalink
    September 3, 2012 12:41 pm

    I am hearing more and more about people who retired recently and thought they would have time to spend with their grandchildren but instead are fighting for the integrity of their
    wells, their property, or against fracking in general. Yes, I agree with the above comment.
    Individuals are being intimidated. The Gas drilling industry is determined to have their way.
    We must continue to struggle against this threat to our lives, land, and the state we hold
    dear, Pennsylvania.

  3. Annemarie Carney permalink
    September 5, 2012 9:30 am

    Please stop doing this, once our water is polluted, it’s irreversable. We, as human beings and the entire ecosystem have no where else to go.

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