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Earthship Biotecture on Democracy Now

October 11, 2012

Think shale gas is cheap? We all know the low price of shale gas is a devil’s bargain. It will rise steeply as exports increase, and is only low to begin with because all the health, environmental, economic and social costs are made into “externalities” to be paid for by impacted communities and future generations. For zero externalities and a really low utility bill — really really low, like $100 / year max — try living in an Earthship.

Earthships are emerging from biotecture, a new type of architecture using recycled and earthen materials; solar and geothermal energy, and 100% rainwater. Abundant plants treat sewage on-site, help maintain a comfortable temperature and produce fresh food. Hear (and see) all about it on today’s Democracy Now broadcast from Los Alamos, New Mexico.

The complete Dem Now episode today features the ongoing legacy of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy development in New Mexico, including the use of open unlined pits for radioactive tailings (mining waste) at over 500 clusters of uranium mines on Navajo land. That story, “After Decades of Uranium Mining, Navajo Nation Struggles with Devastating Legacy of Contamination,” is here.


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