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Press Coverage: Mayor Ryan, Residents Oppose Constitution Pipeline

October 24, 2012

“This pipeline is of no value to most people,” Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan stated when he joined Pennsylvania and New York residents in opposing the proposed Constitution Pipeline at a press conference in Binghamton this week. The event, on Tuesday October 23rd, preceded Wednesday’s public meeting in Oneonta, NY about the pipeline’s approval by the federal agency FERC.  One newspaper and four television stations covered the event.

WBNG-TV ran this story, “Slowing the Constitution Pipeline Approval”  by reporters Erika Mahoney and Matt Porter. Excerpts:

If approved, the more than 100 mile pipeline would run from near Binghamton, up to Albany.

Speakers said they are concerned about health and environmental impacts and fear the company will use eminent domain to use their land.

“This pipeline is of no value to most people,” said Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan (D). “They want to take it by eminent domain. They want to take people’s property.”

“Our lives and safety are marginalized, written off as a social cost, collateral damage in the corporate rush to turn our yards and pastures into gas fields to maximize corporate profit,” said Rebecca Roter.

Fox 40 of Binghamton ran this story: “Anti-Constitution Pipeline” — excerpts:

Protesters against a natural gas pipeline that would span from the Binghamton area to Albany rallied against the project Tuesday.

They say the constitution pipeline threatens health, property rights, and would be a precursor to fracking.

A spokesperson for the pipeline says the project is for distributing already produced gas from Pennsylvania throughout the northeast.

Property rights being overrun by eminent domain is also at issue, Fox 40 reported:

“This pipeline is a 30-inch pipeline, 30 inches in diameter. When the federal government gives them permission they can run that pipeline with no setbacks, no setbacks from your home…,” said Craig Stevens of Silver Lake Township in Pennsylvania.

The Press & Sun-Bulletin focused on the “induced shale gas development” angle, with their headline, “Ryan: Constitution Pipeline a ‘way to push fracking’ into NY.” Excerpts:

BINGHAMTON — Mayor Matthew T. Ryan on Tuesday joined other New York and Pennsylvania residents to express concerns about a proposed natural gas transmission pipeline that would run through 15 miles of rural Broome County.

“It’s just another way to push fracking into New York state,” Ryan said at a news conference outside the Binghamton Government Plaza. “I hope people will pay close attention to this.”

The proposed Constitution Pipeline would start in Susquehanna County, Pa., and shuttle gas north through the Broome County towns of Windsor and Colesville. From there, the pipeline would follow the Interstate 88 corridor on its way through Chenango, Delaware and Schoharie counties to the Albany area, according to preliminary plans.

Channel 34’s coverage: “Constitution Pipeline Hearing.”

Finally, YNN: “Rally against Constitution Pipeline

Bill Huston, of ShaleShock Media, posted this comment full of links about the Constitution Pipeline, on the Fox 40 site:

Here are some additional links for you to explore: *

General info about criminal fraud and unpermitted activities by operators Williams-Cabot and FERC public hearing *…

Why are the operators Williams-Cabot denying the connection between Williams Central Compressor Station (Susquehanna County, PA) and the Constitution Pipeline? *…

Constitution Pipeline is CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE to facilitate fracking New York…

98,801 tons per year is a MINOR SOURCE of air emission? Here is how to visualize what 98,801 tons looks like: * http://williamahuston.blogspot…

Lots more info: * http://williamahuston.blogspot…

  1. October 24, 2012 10:18 pm

    thanks, Iris, for reporting further on this ; it’s so important to understand that the Pipeline needs to be stopped to stop any fracking from coming into NY and stop any exporting of liquified gas to foreign countries.

  2. Louise Cook permalink
    October 25, 2012 9:31 pm

    It is time to stand up and bring an end to the era of “corporate profit at any costs.” We all know it is not about energy independence … it is about money, pure and simple.


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