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Call to Action: Protect Delaware River Watershed from Pipelines December 5th

November 26, 2012

When: Wednesday, December 5, 11am – 4? (public testimony will begin in afternoon; time is inexact)

When else: Sign petition on this issue anytime! Link below.

Where: Delaware River Basin Commission office, 25 State Police Drive, West Trenton, NJ 08628 (map)
What: Please turn out for the DRBC’s informal conference followed by a public hearing on Wednesday, Dec. 5th 2012. Urge DRBC to exercise its jurisdiction over new fracked gas pipelines carrying explosive methane gas, now being proposed and built throughout our watershed. Pipeline drilling across streams and rivers causes sedimentation and erosion damage, is accompanied by many drilling mud spills which harm aquatic life, and induces further shale gas drilling with escalating cumulative damages to air, water, soil and climate.
Sign a petition about this issue here.
The DRBC formal notice about this hearing is here.
Please see the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) announcement about this event here.
Protecting Our Waters, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability and other allied organizations urge you to attend and to make your voice heard. Let’s pull together to protect our watershed, air, and climate. Thanks everyone!
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