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Action: Support Community College Faculty Standing Up to Marcellus Shale Coalition

November 29, 2012

It’s another David v Goliath struggle, and you can help.

1. Got twenty seconds? Please sign this petition, “Stop Fracking with Community College.” If you are a CCP alum or a member of any academic community, please state your affiliation. The petition, written by the Coalition for a Sustainable Future, a faculty group at Community College of Philadelphia, states:

At a time that we are experiencing catastrophic weather events related to human-induced climate change, it is short-sighted and foolhardy to do anything to promote fracking, which further contributes to climate change.

2. Got a few minutes? Please comment online, praising the faculty group for their ethical, thoughtful stand against extreme shale gas fracking-related jobs and in favor of energy conservation, renewable energy, and other work which supports a “resilient society,” in their words.

Please comment on StateImpact (NPR)’s straightforward and accurate blog post by Susan Phillips here, “Community College Faculty Angry Over New Marcellus Training Center.”

Please also comment on the more biased coverage by the Philadelphia Inquirer — which allows green-washing statements by the College President to go unchallenged and carries an oddly minimizing headline — here, “Three CCP faculty members oppose Marcellus Shale group scholarships.”

Why is it important to comment online? Isn’t that a waste of time? Actually, the other side does it for a reason: because, believe it or not, it influences people. Weird, but true. And unlike “the other side” we don’t have paid trolls who comment  all day long. We’ve just got honest, compassionate, caring you.

The petition is a voice of sanity. It says,

We reject the  Community College of Philadelphia’s ties to the Marcellus shale gas fracking industry and demand that the college cease its efforts to prepare students for fracking-related work through its  “Energy Training Center.”  We urge the college instead to invest in programs that support sustainability, renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency technologies.
Here’s the petition, “Stop Fracking with Community College of Philadelphia.”

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