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Our Water, Our Health: Are We in Danger? Sandra Steingraber Keynote Tuesday, Jan. 15th in Philadelphia

January 13, 2013

Pete Seger and Sandra Steingraber in Albany, NY January 9th, 2013. Photo: Frack Action

Sandra Steingraber, PhD, a biologist, author, and cancer survivor in the tradition of Rachel Carson, is speaking at the Academy of Natural Sciences this Tuesday, January 15th at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia at 6:30 pm.  Don’t miss this talk, even if you’ve heard her before. Sandra Steingraber is an eloquent scientist-poet and an educator’s educator: every time she speaks, she teaches differently, with originality and passion.

Sandra, a fierce advocate for including health impacts in any analysis of fracking, will include the environmental impacts of fracking in her talk. She will frame her outspoken opposition to fracking within the broader context of what’s happening to our water and to our health. Protecting our children; protecting the blood-brain barrier; protecting our water and our health are among her interwoven themes.

What: Sandra Steingraber: “Our Water, Our Health: Are We in Danger?”

Where: The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia PA 19103

When: Program begins at 6:30 pm, preceded by a networking reception at 5:30 pm

Cost: Non-members $15; Members $10; Drexel students free with ID.

Register here.

In the News:

See “Cancer Survivor Addresses Health Effects of Fracking” in Ithaca Journal, December 5th, 2012.

From the Huffington Post August 2012, which quotes Sandra’s testimony to the New York State Senate:

Good afternoon, Senator Avella and distinguished members of the Senate. Thank you for inviting me to testify today. My name is Sandra Steingraber. I am a PhD biologist with doctoral training from the University of Michigan. I currently serve as Distinguished Scholar in Residence within the Department of Environmental Studies at Ithaca College, and for the past twenty years have been working in the field of environmental health.

In this capacity, I’ve had the honor of serving on public health advisory councils, includingPresident Clinton’s National Action Plan on Breast Cancer, and as science advisor to public research initiatives, including the California Breast Cancer Research Program. I’ve testified before the President’s Cancer Panel, authored three books and two white papers on environmental health, and am co-editor of the University of California report Identifying Gaps in Breast Cancer Research, which is a 510-page document.

And… for amazing and inspiring footage from the emergency demonstration organized just last week by New Yorkers Against Fracking, in which Steingraber is deeply involved, watch this! It’s a quarter-mile long stream of anti-fracking protesters.

Register here

for Tuesday evening, January 15th, 6:30 pm, Sandra Steingraber at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

The Marcellus Shale fracking industry is pushing its supporters to fill the Academy seats. They tried last year attacking her on the grounds that she is “emotional”; this year they’re attacking Sandra on the grounds that she is a New Yorker, who couldn’t know anything about how safely fracking is being done in Pennsylvania every day. Steingraber, who has spent twenty years working in public health, is a PhD scientist and author with a resume a mile long (more details here and here). She’s drawn fire especially from the fracking industry’s attack group, Energy in Depth, which specializes in personal attacks.  Please come to learn, to ask your questions live and in person, and to show your support.

Protecting Our Waters will have a table and we will see you there.

  1. Eric Peters permalink
    January 13, 2013 11:15 pm

    “We are all musicians in a great human orchestra, and it is now time to play the Save the World Symphony. You are not required to play a solo, but you are required to know what instrument you hold and play it as well as you can. You are required to find your place in the score. What we love we must protect. That’s what love means. From the right to know and the duty to inquire flow the obligation to act.” ~ Sandra Steingraber

  2. Seth permalink
    January 14, 2013 2:31 pm

    A short item about that other guy in the picture with Steingraber:

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