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PA Gov Corbett to Keynote Natgas Summit Friday

June 13, 2013

Corbett Keynotes Phila Natgas Summit Friday June 14th

Gov. Corbett, who just fired DCNR Secretary Rick Allan today, is scheduled to be the morning keynote speaker tomorrow, Friday morning, at the Pennsylvania Natural Gas Summit, sponsored by the industry-supported Keystone Energy Forum.

Please come early even if you can’t stay for the public event. We heard on the street that a demonstration is being called at 9:15 AM (not by us but by grassroots activists who work with many groups).

When: Friday, June 14th, 9:30 am to 2 pm

Where: The Franklin Institute’s Pepper Hall, 222 North 20th Street, Phila.

Register: Call Steve Armold of API at (717) 234-7983

The forum is free. Please register by phone (717) 234-7983 – the e-registration system is not working. If you can attend inside, we encourage you to speak up. Protecting Our Waters cannot organize an emergency demonstration but we support anyone who does. Corbett’s keynote is approximately 9:30 AM. From the Inquirer:

Speakers at the Philadelphia summit will include representatives of the American Petroleum Institute, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P., Braskem America Inc., the Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region and Philadelphia Gas Works.
For today’s news about Corbett’s firing of so many Secretaries of Departments related to gas drilling in PA that we’ve lost count (Secretaries of Parks, Health, and now Forests [DCNR] forced out; DEP Secretary Krancer’s resignation was not reported to be forced), scroll down.
Corbett, within hours of taking office, overturned Rendell’s belated moratorium on shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania’s state forests, and he’s been fighting hard against democracy and against environmental health ever since. People are getting sick — and people are beyond sick of contaminated drinking water, leaking frack pits, methane migration, unsafe pipelines, exploding compressor stations, flaring, intense air pollution, fractured communities, radioactive drill cuttings, workers hurt, injured and killed, and climate-escalating fracking — all to line the pockets of a few CEOs and spew just enough money into landowners’ bank accounts, hospitals’ new wings, and politicians’ pockets to attempt to tamp down the anger of the people.

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