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Action: Call Governor Corbett Tuesday, June 25th 2013: Tell the Truth, Toxic Tom

June 24, 2013

Water and air contamination: Children and adults living near this Range Resources  fracking impoundment became severely ill, and 21 animals belonging to the Haney and Voyles families died, including healthy horses and dogs as well as stillbirths. Photo: Sharon Wilson, “Customize your fracking water data reporting

Call Governor Corbett

on Stop the Frack Attack Action Day

Tuesday, June 25th

8 AM to 4 PM

717-787-2500 or 215-560-2640 or 814-878-5719

412-565-5700 or 570-614-2090




Corbett Must Tell the Truth.

Ask Governor Corbett the following:

  1. Why did the Scranton News Tribune have to go to court to get your DEP to tell the truth about the number of documented families that have had their water ruined by Gas Drilling Operations?  Why does the DEP not have a policy of full disclosure of problems with Drilling Operations?  
  1. Why have you not directed your DEP to help ALL families whose water is impacted by natural gas drilling, to conduct all the tests needed to determine if water supplies have been polluted by this activity, and to disclose expeditiously complete data for all the sampling results to those affected?
  1. Why have you not appointed a DEP Secretary who has experience in environmental protection and does not come from industry or have other financial ties to industry?  

Tell Governor Corbett: Pennsylvanians deserve to know the complete, unvarnished truth about water and air contamination caused by drilling and fracking. Pennsylvanians deserve a DEP that is transparent, supports the needs of impacted households and the public, and protects our health and drinking water supplies. Truth, yes. Fracking, no.

BACKGROUND: PA DEP Secretary under Corbett fractured the truth

In an April 12th 2013 letter, former DEP Secretary Michael Krancer said, “DEP has determined that Marcellus shale drilling has impacted the water supplies of 25 separate complainants since 2009.”   In a May 19th 2013 Scranton Times-Tribune article, reporter Laura Legere uncovered that “state environmental regulators determined that oil and gas development damaged the water supplies for at least 161 Pennsylvania homes, farms, churches.” She also reported that “DEP does not count how many determination letters it issues, track where they are kept in its files or maintain its records in a way that would allow a comprehensive search for the letters, so there is no way to assess the completeness of the released documents.”
Thanks to Clean Water Action, Gas Truth of Central PA, and all our allies for this alert.
  1. Bob Schmetzer permalink
    June 25, 2013 5:53 pm

    The Governor has been notified !

  2. Bob Schmetzer permalink
    June 25, 2013 5:53 pm

    I called and reported the water pollution from Ohio.that was dumped into drinking water sources in Pa. The governor was asked to investigate and take action to protect our drinking water sources. DEP has to take action. They asked what county I was from. BEAVER…They will pass on the message.

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