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6 Days Left to Intervene! Stop the Constitution Pipeline!

July 11, 2013

On June 13th, the application was submitted for the Constitution Pipeline. We now have until July 17th to officially ‘intervene’ with the Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC). Stop The Pipeline, a grassroots organization of landowners and citizens has provided comprehensive details on how to take part in the intervention process. ANYONE AND EVERYONE SHOULD INTERVENE! This pipeline which would run 120-miles long through pristine territory, from Susquehanna County, PA to Schoharie County, NY and it needs to be (and can be) stopped. We just must act quickly!

As stated by the Times Journal, the intervention process is crucial:

Those who intervene become an integral part of the review process, according to the Center for Sustainable Rural Communities’ Bob Nied; the organization has been fighting plans for the 122-mile natural gas pipeline through parts of Schoharie County since it was first proposed more than a year ago. – Times Journal

The following has been taken from an array of materials from the Stop the Pipeline crew:


  1. Do you live within 1 mi of the pipeline route?
    (Doesn’t matter if you own or rent)
  2. Property owners AND your heirs
  3. You must be an intervenor if you think you might EVER want to sue the pipeline company,
    — from the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, Catskills NY, and NE PA too
    Anyone Downstream in the Susquehanna River Basin.
  5. Most people can (and should) become intervenors,
  6. if you live in NY and have concerns about water and quality of life
    impacts and you want to KEEP FRACKING OUT of NY, then you should definitely register!

If you intervene, you have a variety of privileges including the ability to participate in hearings before FERC, and have a legal standing be heard by the Court of Appeals if you object to FERC’s final offer.

With the details provided by Stop the Pipeline, the process is very simple.

Begin by re-writing your own version of this:

I am a resident of [my town], NY in [my] County. My property is about [X] miles from the proposed Constitution Pipeline. Since the pipeline is “open-access,” it will encourage industrial development, including natural gas extraction, which will drastically alter the rural character of the community where I have lived for [Y] years. As no one else can represent my interests in this matter, I am filing this motion to intervene. – Stop the Pipeline, How to Intervene

Continue the process by viewing the step by step instructions with graphics of the online application for intervening.


See a final map of the proposed pipeline!

This is a crucial step in our fight against fracking! Please Take Action Today!

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