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CALL TO ACTION: Resistance Against Constitution Pipeline Ongoing; Two Days Left to Intervene!

July 15, 2013
The plans for the Constitution Pipeline were submitted on June 13th.  Now is our time to fight back.
Around the region, resistance is happening! Most recently, the Delaware – Otsego Audubon Society has started taking legal action, the Daily Star reported in “Local Audubon group takes aim at pipeline“:

In the first concrete sign that potential legal action hovers over the proposed Constitution Pipeline project, the Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society says it has retained the public interest law firm Earthjustice to represent it in fighting the natural gas transmission system.The local chapter of the National Audubon Society said it will intervene in the review being conducted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that will determine if the construction of the 122-mile pipeline is in the public interest…

The Audobon group’s request for intervenor status comes amid a flurry of activity by environmental activists to convince landowners and others residing in the region to submit similar requests to FERC no later than the July 17 cutoff for such applications. Over the past two weeks, dozens of individuals have requested intervenor status, and more are expected to follow suit this week, said Anne Marie Garti of East Meredith, an organizer for the grassroots group Stop the Pipeline. – The Daily Star 

Now is a critical time to get involved. Join the Audubon Society and register RIGHT NOW with the Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC) as an “intervenor.”  ANYONE FROM ANY STATE CAN INTERVENE! We have TWO MORE DAYS to register our dissent.

Bill Huston of Shaleshock Media has created a bank of videos providing information about the Constitution Pipeline to encourage the public to intervene. The playlist includes a video with detailed instructions on the intervention process (#11 below). Short on time? Watch videos #4 and #11.

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Facebook, be sure to like these pages to get updates:

1. Official Facebook Page of StopThePipeline,

2. StopThePipeline’s unofficial page, including discussion and announcements:

Occupy the Constitution Pipeline

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    great news to have more opposition and a lawsuit ; this is the biggest opposition towards a pipeline I’ve seen so far.

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