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Take Action Against Injection Wells in Ohio! This July!

July 18, 2013

Photo by Ecowatch

Please join the movement to stop fracking and fight injection wells in the state of Ohio! This July, a number of local and national organizations are joining together to host a state-wide weekend of skill sharing, movement building, and strategy sessions in Ravenna, Ohio.

Below is the call to action circulated by

Dear Friends,

We’re writing you in the wake of an amazing win just across the Marcellus Shale from us here in Ohio.

Today, two major oil and gas companies have officially backed out of fracking in the Delaware River Basin for good. This is an amazing win in the fight against fracking, but it certainly doesn’t stop there! On July 29th, we’re getting together to help build our skills, and take a stand here in Ohio against injection wells.

Last year we took over the statehouse to show that we want a stop to fracking and injection wells in our state. This year we take our work out of the Statehouse and into the heart of Ohio’s toxic oil and gas industry.

Stand with us and our allies at the Don’t Frack Ohio 2 in Warren, OH on July 29th to tell our policymakers that we do not want to be a fracking wasteland. Bill McKibben, Teresa Mills, Donna Carver and local community members will be joining us at the rally to give voice to the movement. Click here to sign up for the action:

Leading up to our rally on July 29th, we are creating a two-day training space full of movement building, strategy sessions, and story sharing. These trainings will take place at First Congregational Church in Ravenna, OH on the 27th and 28th. Sign up here for the strategy sessions:

It’s time to tell our policymakers that Big Oil and Gas corporations should be cleaning up their own mess, not dumping it in our backyards. Today we saw that this is a fight we can win. We hope to see you there.


Katie McChesney,
Patrick Kennedy – Energy Action Coalition
Alison Auciello – Food and Water Watch
Gwen Fischer – Concerned Citizens Ohio
Madeline ffitch – Appalachia Resists
John Williams – Frackfree Mahoning
Sam Rubin, Communities for Safe and Sustainable Energy
Vanessa Pesec – NEOGAP, Network for Oil and Gas Accountability and Protection
Brian Rothenberg – Progress Ohio
Inde Scys, Don’t Frack Ohio
Teresa Mills – Center for Health, Environment and Justice, and the Buckeye Forest Council
Frack Free Ohio
Greenpeace USA

This weekend is coming on the heels of many forms of resistance in Ohio :

On November 30th, 2011, local residents blocked the truck entrance to a D&L Injection site in Youngstown Ohio.


Photo by Athens Ohio Today

columbus protest

Photo: Mike Ludwig – Truthout

On June 17th, 2012, hundreds of protestors marched throughout the streets of Columbus and occupied the Statehouse to fight the governor’s decision to allow oil and gas companies into Ohio state parks.

On June 26th, 2012, an Athens County resident chained herself to two barrels of concrete and blocked the entrance of a fracking fluid injection well for six hours.

On February 19th, 2013, over one hundred protestors gathered at GreenHunter Water’s frack waste transfer facility in New Matamoras, Ohio, protesting Greenhunter’s plans to increase capacity for toxic frack waste dumping in Ohio. One of the residents climbed a thirty-foot pole, anchored to a frack waste truck and succeeded in shutting down the site  for most of the business day.

These are just a few of many rallies, conferences, and campaigns that organizations across Ohio have participated in to resist injection wells. Please join their fight. See Don’t Frack Ohio for more information on the event!

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