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Come Protest Sunoco’s Mariner East Pipeline on December 10th!

November 20, 2013
Click for a printable half-page PDF. More materials to come!

Click for a printable half-page PDF. More materials to come!

It’s time to tell Sunoco to stop their plan to complete their Mariner East pipeline, coming all the way across Pennsylvania from the shalefields where air, water and people are already suffering. The last thing they need is more “induced fracking” for the lucrative export market.
The Mariner East Pipeline Sunoco plans to complete and profit from–adding to the “record earnings” they reported in August–would lock Range Resources into a fifteen-year contract to export one millions gallons/day of “natural gas liquids” to Norway from the Delaware River! A more detailed summary of the project is available from EnergyWire here.
We think that’s insane. Natural gas liquids (NGLs), are ethane and propane, the stuff that comes up out of the shale along with methane. They’re separated out from the methane at a refinery called MarkWest in Houston, Pennsylvania — which is making our neighbors sick in Washington County, Pennsylvania.
Philadelphians are just 15 miles downwind from the NGL storage, processing and export facility Sunoco Logistics  just bought for $60 million in Marcus Hook. The combined air and climate impacts from drilling, fracking, fractionating, liquefication, transport, processing, storage and EXPORT make all parties to it, especially Sunoco Logistics, climate criminals.
The Texas town evacuated just four days ago, due to Chevron’s natural gas liquids pipeline there exploding and burning, visible for 40 miles, was evacuated for two nights! See that 300-foot fireball from November 14th here: Breaking: Texas Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline Explodes, Burns. That NGL pipeline is smaller (10″) than Sunoco’s Mariner East (12″) pipeline, which would put residents at risk for at least 300 miles across PA, including densely populated southeastern Pennsylvania.
See the Illinois fireball from August 12th, just three months ago, here: Exploding Cornfield: Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline Turns Into Fireball on Farm. Those flames also went more than 300 feet into the air. The explosion made a crater in the ground, and families in the sparsely populated area were evacuated.
What happens when a gas fire rips into a residential area? To get a grip on that, see this news report about the huge natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, CA in 2010: 200 firefighters responded, but 120 homes were destroyed by the deadly inferno.
What happens when a natural gas liquids plant explodes and burns? You have to see it. The Houston Chronicle posted dramatic photos and story here: Natural gas plant burns in Mont Belvieu. That (Enterprise) fire is seen live here, with a Channel 26 News Report posted on Youtube (1:21).
We don’t have the staff time to tally all the fatalities from all the gas pipeline-related explosions even from the past 3 years, let alone more; we do know, though, that the fines even when fatalities occur are unbelievably miniscule: Enterprise was fined $120,000 for a fatal pipeline explosion last year.
Enough with the illnesses from MarkWest emissions, enough with the pipeline fatalities and fireballs, enough with the climate catastrophe–all so Sunoco can help Range export this stuff to Norway? No fracking way! Write it in your calendar now, and take a little time off (or spend your lunch with us) if you can to come out. Even if you can’t come, spread the word–the image above links to a half-page PDF of the flyer, which is also linked below.
We and the event’s co-sponsor, Clean Air Council, welcome co-sponsoring organizations! Contact if your organization is interested in co-sponsoring with us.

Protest at Sunoco Logistics Headquarters in Philadelphia at 1818 Market Street at 12:30 PM on December 10th, 2013!

Mariner East Pipeline and Sunoco Protest Flyer

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