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Pinelands Pipeline: Public Comment By 5 pm TODAY

December 13, 2013

Testimony opposing the proposed fracked gas pipeline through the pristine Pine Barrens of New Jersey must be emailed to the Pinelands Commission by 5pm Friday December 13.

Email to:

Subject heading: “Official MOA Testimony”

(MOA refers to Memorandum of Agreement, the rule the Commissioners are trying to pass which would enable them, legally, to violate their own rules, their own principles, and their own pledge to protect the Pine Barrens.)

Feel free to use all or part of letter below; please customize it to include a few original words from you. You may email this from anywhere, because the New Jersey Pine Barrens are a national and international treasure. Specific information on gas pipelines’ impacts on land, water, air, forests, ecosystems, climate, animal and human health, and public safety is valuable. But even a few words can make a difference: please get this comment out the door!

Short and sweet letter from Ann Dixon, veteran organizer with Protecting Our Waters:

Dear Pinelands Commissioners,

I strongly object to the building of the proposed SJ Gas / BL England Pipeline through the Pinelands. The Comprehensive Management Plan prohibits using the Forest Management Area as a transit route for pipelines, unless it is “intended to primarily serve the needs of the Pinelands.” N.J.A.C. 7:50-5.23.

Clearly, the pipeline will only hurt the needs of the Pinelands. This unique ecosystem needs to be protected for the benefit of wildlife as well as humans. Pipelines leak toxic materials into water tables. They also explode. The Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration lists many accidents and problems associated with gas lines.


(Your name and contact information)

Background: Initial talking points are here. More information on the project and controversy is available from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, this Philadelphia Inquirer article, or the Pinelands Commission itself.

Email with your comments by 5PM–even a few words in opposition to the project helps!

If you would like, bcc to help us keep track of how many comments are flowing in! Thanks!

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    December 13, 2013 2:10 pm

    Please join us at Facebook Group: No Fracking Way

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