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Action Alert: Say NO to Sunoco Logistics Hazardous Gas Liquids Pipeline and Their Bid for Public Utility Status

June 5, 2014

Say NO To Pipeline Politics!



Monday, June 9, 2014 is the Public Utility Commission (PUC) filing deadline for comment on Sunoco Logistics application for Public Utility Status — not post-marked, but in PUC’s hands!

If granted public utility status, Sunoco Logistics will gain the ability to exercise Eminent Domain over the municipalities and citizens of Pennsylvania to build their controversial Mariner East pipeline. Don’t let the PUC give Sunoco Logistics a free pass on a volatile natural gas liquids pipeline project without being subject to local zoning ordinances and approvals. The Mariner East  is a high-pressure, high-volume pipeline with numerous pump and valve stations. Many townships are up in arms, understandably, and residents are demanding greater transparency and adequate time for public review.

Mail Your Letter to PUC Chairman, Robert Powelson TODAY.

Use the links HERE or customize this sample letter:  


Date: ________________________

Secretary Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Robert F. Powelson, Chairman

P.O. Box 3265 Harrisburg, PA 17120

Dear Mr. Powelson:

PUC Doc#: P-2014-2411966

Attn: PUC Commissioners

I am writing to express my firm opposition to the application by Sunoco Logistics to be officially designated as a public utility corporation in Pennsylvania. I do not believe that Sunoco Logistics’ efforts in any way match the mission of the PUC to “balance the needs of consumers and utilities; ensure safe and reliable utility service at reasonable rates; protect the public interest; educate consumers to make independent and informed utility choices; further economic development; and foster new technologies and competitive markets in an environmentally sound manner.”

I urge you to conduct full hearings on this matter, and I urge you not to grant Sunoco LP any exemptions, certificates of public convenience, or other statuses that will expand its rights to bypass local zoning requirements or exercise the power of Eminent Domain.

The potential negative impacts on environmental, health, safety and property values for Pennsylvania residents are very real and important considerations. Sunoco Logistics’ plans to repurpose old pipeline and add new facilities in residentially zoned areas pose significant risks. Certainly there should be a more public discourse on infrastructure issues such as this.

As a public servant of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you should care first and foremost about the welfare of its residents. I hope that you will do the right thing, and put the safety and welfare of the citizens of Pennsylvania ahead of the corporate interests of Sunoco Logistics.




Mariner East In The Media

Considering that more than fifty percent of the hazardous liquids slated to travel through Sunoco LP’s  Mariner East are bound for export, products such as ethane and propane, it’s clear that this company does not meet the legal criteria for public utility status. They are first, and foremost, accountable to their shareholders. Sunoco Logistics willingness to use strong-arm tactics to override local zoning and bypass municipal planning codes is also clear. They have squandered the public trust. Gaining vaunted status though the PUC would set a very dangerous precedent.

Marty Moss-Coane, WHYY, recently spoke with Lynda Farrell of Pipeline Safety Coalition, Katie Colaneri, Energy and Environment reporter for State Impact Pennsylvania, and Andrew Maykuth, Energy Reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer about pipelines, public opposition, and PUC Chairman Robert Powelson’s glaring conflict of interest.

Pipelines and Energy in the Tri-State Area, Radio Times, WHYY June 3, 2014

Organizing efforts in opposition to Sunoco Logistics PUC status change have been unique to the impacted communities along the pipeline’s 299-mile route, with momentum gathering around the struggle in West Goshen, Chester County. Learn more about the fight to maintain local zoning control, and achieve greater transparency from Sunoco Logistics and  the PUC with regards to the Mariner East Pipeline project by visiting these local groups’ websites:

3cCoalition (Chester County Community Coalition):

Pipeline Safety Coalition:

The Delaware Riverkeeper: Ongoing Issues:  

“In late March, Sunoco Logistics, L.P. submitted petitions to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) in 31 different townships, some of which are in the Delaware Watershed, along its proposed Mariner East Pipeline requesting that it be granted status as a public utility corporation. If the PUC says yes to that status change, Sunoco would be EXEMPT from local zoning for the additions of pump and valve stations.

“Sunoco’s Petitions to PUC state the Project will require the construction of 17 valve stations in 15 different municipalities, and the construction of 18 pumping stations in 18 different municipalities. DRN has filed comments and a motion to intervene with the PUC in order to challenge this dangerous request. In response to multiple interventions and objects Sunoco has filed a motion to submit an amended Petition for Exemption.  An interesting development demonstrating the power of the community attention on this important issue.”

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