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Protect Our Climate: 1. Vote; 2. Write NPR; 3. Get Arrested This Week

November 3, 2014


Not that the Dems are anywhere near where they need to be on climate. Both parties accept money from the fracking industry. We’ve got to get big corporate money out of politics and create fair elections in order to have anything approaching a saner political system. But, that said:

Everyone’s vote matters tomorrow when it comes to fighting fracking and protecting our climate. Because the Republican agenda is absolutely clear: approve as many LNG terminals as the industry wants, to export fracked gas overseas. Approve the KXL pipeline, guaranteeing a massive increase in greenhouse gas emissions from the Alberta Tar Sands, the dirtiest oil on earth. Push back against or reverse the Obama Clean Energy Plan. Remove support for renewables.  So: vote. Please.


Not that NPR is doing the most fabulous job in the world already on covering climate. For example, just yesterday when NPR covered the IPCC’s release of their 5th urgent report on climate change realities, NPR failed to follow up with the science on shale gas impacts on climate, allowing the IPCC spokesman’s praise of the “natural gas” boom in the U.S. as causing “fewer of these emissions” to go unchallenged. In fact, the word “shale” and the phrase “methane emissions” were completely missing from the discussion, and the NPR reporter politely avoided asking any follow-up questions about this climate hot potato topic. Not surprisingly, words like “fracking” or “high-volume hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling” were also completely avoided, so the bridge fuel myth was reinforced yet again.

Even so, NPR’s reporting on climate and the environment is about to get worse: much worse, joining an ongoing trend in U.S. media in general. Please join your voice with this important CREDO petition

Because this is so important, we’re including the CREDO petition in full! From CREDO:

Sign the petition: Stop NPR from gutting its climate coverage.

National Public Radio just made the baffling decision to drastically reduce its staff dedicated to covering climate change and the environment, leaving just one part-time reporter on the beat.1

It’s unacceptable for one of our major sources of journalism in the public interest to essentially abandon it’s coverage of climate and the environment by reducing the staff covering it from four full-time journalists to one part-time reporter.

Tell NPR: One part-time reporter is not enough. Reverse the decision to slash your team of reporters covering climate change and the environment.

NPR pays attention to its critics, and is sensitive to criticism that it is failing to meet its duty to inform the public on the most pressing issues of the day. Let’s show NPR that Americans want more coverage of climate change and other environmental issues, not less.

Due in large part to deliberately misleading coverage from conservative outlets like Fox News and the Drudge Report, and the corporate media that insists on presenting “two sides” of the debate even if one side is blatantly lying, the American public is actively misinformed about climate change.

As a result, public understanding of the crisis is heading in the wrong direction. In 2013, the percentage of Americans who don’t believe in climate change actually went up 7%. Only 47% of the American people believe that climate change is caused by human activities.2

NPR’s decision is part of a disturbing anti-science trend within the news media. According to a study released last year, the number of newspapers that included a weekly science sections has shrunk from 85 to just 19 in the past 25 years.3 That’s why it is so crucial for NPR to provide meaningful coverage of climate change that is honest with the American people about the scope of the problem and what must be done to address it.

Tell NPR: One part-time reporter is not enough. Reverse the decision to slash your team of reporters covering climate change and the environment.

NPR was created by an act of Congress in order to be an alternate news service that would address issues of national concern.4 NPR must devote more resources to covering climate change and other environmental topics, not less.

Tell NPR: Now is not the time to slash Don’t reduce your coverage of climate change and other environmental issues.

Thanks for fighting climate change.

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Beyond Extreme Energy: People Taking Action to Retire Fossil Fuels

This may be a little short notice if you weren’t already considering participating in this important action. And you missed the Sunday nonviolence training and issues training. Nonetheless we think this week-long action at FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) is so important that we’re adding the daily details below.

FERC is a rogue government agency that is really operating as an oil and gas industry tool disguised as a government agendy. FERC is consistently rubber-stamping every LNG export facility and every pipeline, including and particularly fracked gas and fracked oil pipelines, that comes its way, ignoring the impacts. From BXE:

Pipelines = Fracking. There is no simpler way to put it. Every pipeline and export facility FERC approves is another nail in the climate coffin — not to mention public health, surface and groundwater, air quality, land rights, and habitat. Join Tim deChristopher and go Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) in DC this week:

Before we dive into the details, though, let us tell you how excited we are to be working on this project. We’ve brought together a large and diverse coalition of people and organizations to make this happen. BXE obviously won’t bring FERC and the frackers to their knees in a single week’s time, but we guarantee that together we’re going to be moving our collective issues forward.

Monday November 3rd

Each day at FERC we’ll highlight a different group or issue. Monday has been adopted by the Great Climate March. We’ll begin Monday and all succeeding days at FERC bright and early. Arrests, if/when they occur, will probably happen before 11am. The action will continue, however, with leafleting, chanting, creative street art and theater, and all the other good stuff you’ve come to know and expect from hanging out with your ne’er-do-well activist friends.
We’re hoping that Tim DeChristopher, one of our BXE endorsers, will be on hand for the morning’s events. In any case, those of us not in custody will be joining Tim and the folks from for an action at 2pm at Democratic National Committee headquarters. More info on that will come soon, but we’ll help Tim make the point with the Democratic Party that merely being less bad on climate than Republicans is not nearly good enough.
Then at 5pm on Monday we’ll join in a flash mob that our arts team has planned for Union Station. More info on what that involves will also be coming soon.

Tuesday November 4th

We kick off with our daily morning action at FERC. There will be more in the afternoon, but it isn’t finalized yet.

Wednesday November 5th

Wednesday will be student day and it’s already shaping up to be a lively one. In the morning we’ll have our usual FERC action. Afternoon details TBA.

Thursday November 6th

Morning at FERC. In the afternoon we’ll be paying a visit to NPR’s national headquarters to creatively raise the issue with them of the pro-fracking spots airing constantly on the network.

Friday November 7th

It looks like Friday is getting adopted by Pennsylvania fractivists, so you know we’ll be going out with a non-violent bang.
Obviously, plans are still in flux. There is even more good stuff than this being cooked up, but talking about it would be premature. I’ll keep you supplied with up to date information as it becomes available.


We’re very lucky to have secured the culinary services of Seeds Of Peace who will be providing us three squares a day of nourishing and delicious food. The details of exactly when and where and how we’re going to eat it are still being worked out. But trust me, this is good news. I’m already getting hungry thinking about it.

Money (To Make BXE Happen)

You can check out our donation page here. As I write this, we’ve raised $3285 of the $15,000 we need. To move BXE forward, we need money immediately. As participants, we need to back this critical step to fight new fossil fuel infrastructure with our own cash. If you’re not able to spare anything, that’s Ok–your participation is important no matter what. But most of us will have resources to help out.
So we’re asking our participants to contribute a minimum of $25 to cover food and lodging, and if not for themselves, then for someone else. And if possible,we need you to dig a little deeper even than that. I wouldn’t ask you like this (highlighting the words, being all intense about it, etc.) if finding more money this week weren’t such a top priority, but, alas, it is. Please give generously as you are able. As you do, imagine yourself lowering the collective blood pressures of lots of stressed people whom you’re soon to meet. They and their significant others all thank you!
And we thank you, too. We know we’re trying to save the planet and everything, but we swear sometimes we think the best part of doing this is getting to meet and become friends with such awesome people. We’re going to shake things up together.

click here for the website!
©2014 Beyond Extreme Energy | Brooklyn, NY

For all other details, including lodging and updates, please visit the Beyond Extreme Energy website and/or contact the organizers.

  1. November 3, 2014 1:15 pm

    One stop shopping for your election decision-making: Two “Toms,” a Sheep Outfit, and a Drill Bit: The Lies that Win Elections for the Gas Thugs.

    Upshot: I think there are few if any solutions to our present ecological, economic, political, and social crises other than getting well beyond a corrupt two party system, and I think that every time we concede to it, we are making a future for our children and grandchildren more and more uninhabitable.

    • Iris Marie Bloom permalink
      November 3, 2014 3:52 pm

      Don’t forget the “write NPR” and “get arrested this week” part 2 and 3 of this post (: …
      Wendy, you are of course completely right about getting beyond a corrupt two-party system. But I disagree that voting is necessarily an act of concession. There are many more races than the “two Toms.” I know of three recent local races where a progressive who would have fought for the environment, health, and social change, lost; and a person with a more backwards agenda won — with just 7, 18, and 47-vote differences, respectively. That’s why participation is important even while we fight for serious change.
      Thanks for the link.

      • November 3, 2014 3:56 pm

        HI Iris–to clarify, I did not say voting per se was an act of concession; I argued that voting for either of the TOMS was. People DO have alternatives–as I lay out a little further down a la the Green Party.

  2. Jim Cummings permalink
    November 3, 2014 1:19 pm

    What a lot of good information here

  3. Bob Schmetzer permalink
    November 3, 2014 1:24 pm

    Getting in the decision makers face and not their staffers who filter out the message is important. The squeaky bearing gets the oil. So start squeaking and don’t stop. Our health, safety, and welfare will NOT be compromised !

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