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February 20, 2015

Breaking: Just as we were about to publish this week’s press release deploring the inaction, lack of investigation and complete lack of safety plan for bomb train incidents in Philadelphia in the aftermath of three oil train derailments in three days, Feb 14 – 16 2015, we learned about TODAY’s heavy flaring and smoke erupting from the Philadelphia Energy Suicide (PES) refinery.  NBC: “Flare Up at South Philadelphia Refinery Prompts Calls

We know of no air monitoring whatsoever done by the City of Philadelphia or the Pennsylvania DEP. PES naturally claims the smoky air is pure and clean. See no evil. Call PES, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, for more information about this incident: Cherice Corley 215 339 7061. The City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management Director is Samantha Phillips: call her at  215 – 686 – 4465.

Questions: how many times has PES has already flared and sent toxic clouds of smoke over southwest Philadelphia? How many times they will be allowed to flare and smoke before they experience any consequences whatsoever? Most importantly, when will the oil bomb trains be stopped completely?

Now that we know the new rail cars are as unsafe as the old DOT-111 rail cars, we must demand a complete halt on the oil bomb trains. Philadelphia has had two major derailments (one seven cars; one eleven cars) in just over one year. There must not be a third time. Too many risk being incinerated. Stop the oil bomb trains.

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Smoke from Philadelphia Energy Solutions (known locally as Philadelphia Energy Suicide) refinery fire wafts over southwest Philadelphia neighborhood. Photo from Twitter post by @CorynWolk February 20th, 2015

February 16th: “Canadian National Railway train carrying crude derails in northern Ontario

February 18th: “North Dakota Oil Train Safeguards Too Little Too Late” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow chronicles three oil train derailments in three days: two in Canada on Valentine’s Day and the West Virginia disaster on February 16th, with special guest Russell Gold. This is a must-watch for the background details about Bakken Shale oil exploding due to its high propane, ethane and butane content — a completely avoidable problem — and due to its spectacular footage from Lynchburg, from the Kanawha River, and from the two most recent derailments in Canada less than one week ago.

Unfortunately, Rachel and Russell leave out the linkage to the ongoing climate disaster and leave unstated the obvious and necessary solution: keep the rest of the Bakken Shale oil in the ground. Four fifths of the current known oil reserves in the world must stay in the ground for us to avoid making our planet uninhabitable due to extreme climate change, scientists say.




  1. Ryan permalink
    February 23, 2015 11:57 am

    Infuriating. Has there ever been movement to close this refinery? If not, let’s start one. Jobs in cancer-producing industries are not worth it, Philadelphia. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


  1. Simply the Sun: Save Philly from Dirty Shale Energy Hub | Protecting Our Waters

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