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Amtrak disaster in Philly happened feet away from oil train rail cars

May 13, 2015

Breaking: The Amtrak disaster in Philadelphia happened just a few feet away from oil “bomb train” tank cars. Two powerful photographs have just been published showing just how close this came to becoming an even worse disaster.

In the Philadelphia Inquirer: Amtrak crash occurred near tank cars.

And posted by Matt Krogh:
Matt Krogh ‏@MattKrogh 5m5 minutes ago
#Amtrak disaster in Philly happened feet away from #oiltrains tank cars.

Click on links to view photos.

What are we waiting for, bigger and deadlier disasters? Ban the bomb trains. In Philly, the oil by rail plague means rail cars that should be barred immediately, including DOT 111 cars and unsafe 1232s, are just feet from I95, I76, other major highways, Amtrak lines, hospitals, stadiums and more. The risk is completely unacceptable, as these photos show.

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  1. Claudia Crane permalink
    May 15, 2015 5:07 pm

    another article about the tank car proximity:

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