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Documents for Printing

Here are some letters, fliers and pamphlets for you to download and print and distribute!


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  1. December 3, 2012 9:17 pm

    There is no need for fracking to extract natural gas or oil. We don’t need to use any more fossil fuel or nuclear energy to meet our energy needs. According to Jacobson and DiLucci in their November 2009 Scientific American article and in their follow up studies in the March 2011 Energy Policy journal articles, we can supply the needs of the planet by 2030 by using a combination of solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric, geothermal, conservation and efficiency without using biomass or methane capture from existing wells, feed lots, landfills or growing crops for alcohol and biodiesel fuels. Fracking is too dangerous, too expensive and unnecessary for our energy needs.

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